Sunday, June 17, 2012


I know a lot of you have this up on your goal board.... So let's take a crack at it! We have been doing a bunch of heavy lifting so its time to translate it to a short and heavy Metcon!

Warm Up:

Muscle up- Technique work

HSPU- Technique work

TGUs- 5x2 at moderate wieght


Deadlift- Work up to the WOD weight

Squat Clean- Work up to the WOD weight

* WOD weights listed below*

Muscle Endurance:
None for today

"King Kong"
3 rounds for time:

1 Deadlift- Rx is 455/325, scale A 405/275, scale B 355/225, scale C 305/185

2 Muscle ups- Scale is 8 CTB pull ups + 8 ring dips

3 Squat cleans Rx is 250/185, scale A 225/155, scale B 200/135, scale C 185/115

4 HSPU- scale to the toughest you can do!

Extra Credit Core Work-

3x 30 second plank holds

3x10 Toe to Bar


  1. King Kong as rx'd- 5:44. Not a PR

  2. King Kong

    DL- 175#
    SC- 85#
    Used black band on dips